International Journal of Emerging Knowledge (ISSN: 2360 - 9753)

Aims and Scope

The International Journal of Emerging Knowledge is a monthly, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed international open access journal that deals with applied, empirical and also theoretical issues. With the ever increasing global attention towards the emerging markets and developing countries, IJEK enjoys a wide audience and publishes engaging papers from all over the world. The scope of the journal includes:

  • Research articles
  • Original research reports
  • Short communications
  • Educational Research
  • Special Education
  • Physical Education
  • Psychology Research
  • Philosophical Research
  • Geography
  • Media and Communication Studies
  • English Literature
  • Music
  • Business Management
  • Market Management
  • Operational Management
  • Construction Management

  • Sport Management
  • International Relations
  • Regional Planning
  • Political Science
  • Library Sciences
  • Management Sciences
  • General History
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Public Administration
  • Corporate Organization
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Publications and Advertising
  • Human Resource Management
  • Local Languages
  • Science and Technology Studies

Instructions to Authors

Submission Guidelines

There is no submission fee.

 1. Submission:

The articles submitted to International Journal of Emerging Knowledge (IJEK) should be written in good English and should be submitted by e-mail to: editorbloomfield(AT)post(DOT)com. Manuscripts should be submitted as a single MS-Word file including all materials. Any opinions expressed in articles are only those of authors and not necessarily those of the editors or the publisher. Authors retain copyright.

2. Manuscript:

The first page of the manuscript must contain the full title of the paper; the name(s), affiliation(s) and full address(es) of the author(s). The second page must contain an abstract of 300 words or less. The name and contact details of the author(s) should be provided on ONLY the first page of the manuscript. The editorial office would detach this page upon receipt prior to sending the manuscript for blind review. In cases where there are more than one author, the corresponding author should also be clearly identified on the first page. The manuscript also needs to identify 5 key words/tags. References must strictly adhere to the journal's style requirements (see no. 7  below).

3. Word Count:

Strictly no more than 5000 words.

4. Font Size, Font Type and Presentation Format:

Font type: Times new Roman. Font size: 9.

Line spacing should be set at 1.5 lines

Top and bottom page margins should be 3cm (to allow for the addition of the journal logo).

5. Tables, Diagrams and Figures:

All tables, figures, illustrations and/or diagrams should be placed and clearly labelled where they appear in the text. 

6. Acknowledgements:

Any Acknowledgements should appear at the end of the text.

7. References:

APA. References should be cited in the text as name and year and listed at the end of the paper alphabetically. Where reference is made to more than one work by the same author published in the same year, identify each citation in the text as follows: (Smith, 2009a), (Smith, 2009b). Where three or more authors are listed in the reference list, please cite in the text as follows: (Depta et al., 2009). All references must be complete and correct. If essential, cite unpublished or personal work in the text but do not include it in the reference list. Where possible the DOI for the reference should be included at the end of the reference. Online citations should include date of access. References should be listed in the following fashion:


Surname Initial. (2012). The Evolution of the Bio-economy in Nigeria: A Review of Trends and Events. Pacific Journal of Science and Technology. Vol. 13(2):224-231.


Surname, Initial. (2003). Case Study Research: Design and Methods (3rd Edition). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.

8. Appendix:

If any, these should be attached at the end of paper

9. About the Author:

Not more than 150 words for each author describing qualifications, interests and affiliations. These should be attached at the end of paper, just after the references.

10.Publication Fee

IJEK does not sell online published manuscripts and offers all published manuscripts free of charge to all  authors and researchers. Open access allows the research community to view and download any published manuscript without subscription, enabling further distribution of publications compared to the traditional subscription-based publishing model. The publication costs of a manuscript are typically paid from an author's research budget or by their supporting institutions.

As costs are involved in every stage of the publication process such as manuscript handling form submission to publication, peer-review, copy-editing, typesetting, tagging and indexing of articles, electronic composition and production, hosting the final article on dedicated servers, electronic archiving, server and website update and maintenance, supporting sales and marketing costs to ensure global dissemination and administrative overheads, IJEK is now forced to charge an article publication fee.

A publication fee of £180  is therefore payable for each manuscript ACCEPTED for publication. The publication fee is payable prior to publication. Accepted papers would only be processed for publication upon receipt of the publication fee. 

For authors from emerging countries, we are now able to offer the option of making payments locally and in the local currency, thereby eliminating the hassle or need for foreign exchange. These developments form part of our efforts to demonstrate our commitment to encouraging authors from such countries. We continue to work towards extending this facility to authors from even more countries. 

11. Submission Method:

Manuscripts should be submitted by email to: editorbloomfield(AT)post(DOT)com.

To ensure proper attention to e-mail submissions, subject lines should include the word "Submission"